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For many young adults, a productive college career can be the foundation for life long success. One of the key contributors to your child’s academic success is the environment in which they live. THE HIVE is proud to offer best-in-class accommodations in an environment conducive to academic achievement and personal well-being.


What Security is Provided at THE HIVE?
THE HIVE offers a comprehensive security package that includes security cameras, state-of-the-art fire suppression, on site staff, and our electronic secured entry system. Numerous cameras at strategic points throughout both the interior and exterior of the building are monitored by building staff who respond to resident concerns. Each resident is assigned FOB technology to gain access to the building and common areas. Each apartment is equipped with a remote electronic access system to permit visitor access. Each bedroom is separately keyed to provide additional interior security.


How Else is THE HIVE Different?
In addition to providing the best security off campus, your child will experience the best accommodations available with fully furnished units that feature spacious bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Our apartments have high-end finishes, including stainless steel kitchen appliances and upgraded cabinets, countertops, flooring, and furnishings. We offer laundry appliances in every unit at no additional charge. Our community will offer cozy and fun lounge space for residents to gather. Our elevated outdoor recreation deck provides a private, safe outdoor entertainment and relaxation space for residents. Downstairs, our commercial tenants will provide dining, and fitness opportunities just an elevator ride away! THE HIVE has fully enabled technology, helping your student stay connected to their coursework, friends and you!


What is the Lease Process?
We have crafted an application and lease process that is tailored to today’s savvy students and their parents. All residents must meet our income and credit requirements and if they are unable to do so, they will need to have a qualified guarantor/cosigned (usually parents). We offer online applications and payment options to make life simple. Apartments will be held when all initial charges, deposits, and forms have been provided, accepted, and signed.


What are the Initial Charges?
None. All we require to start the leasing process is our completed rental application conveniently available on our website. Upon approval, a security deposit will be required at the actual lease signing. We do not require additional payments of first and last month’s rent like most other landlords.


Why are you fully furnished when no other off-campus provides such amenity?
We realize what a hassle it is to furnish an apartment that is ultimately temporary. You go through a process of spending a lot on furniture only to see it next to the dumpster after your child graduates and moves on to bigger and better things. We also know how time consuming it is to move and haul furniture from one place to another, and then have to find some way to store it between leases. At THE HIVE, we decided to eliminate this hassle for everyone involved and supply sleek, modern looking furniture that is built to last.


What Furniture is Included in Each Apartment?
At THE HIVE, all apartments are fully furnished. Each bedroom includes a full size bed and mattress along with a stackable dresser, desk, chair, and closet system. In the living room, students will have a couch, love seat, coffee table, end table, center console, and a 50 inch LED TV already mounted. Each bedroom and living room includes a digital cable box so that on screen programming can be enjoyed in the bedroom along with the living room. Our goal was for a small car to be fully capable of handling a full move in for your child.


What Utilities are Tenants Responsible For?
Unlike most La Crosse off-campus rentals, we only charge a small fee for water, sewer, garbage while internet and laundry are free. All units are separately metered and tenants can control their own thermostats. We are proud to feature energy efficient appliances and heating/cooling systems throughout THE HIVE. THE HIVE was constructed to meet high environmental standards, resulting in substantial reductions to energy consumption and lower energy bills for our tenants.


Why Does Almost Every Other Landlord Offer Electric Heat In Their Apartments?
That answer is simple. Electric heat is the absolute cheapest option available for landlords when constructing apartment buildings. You will notice 99% of apartments in the La Crosse campus area utilize electric heat in buildings constructed within the last 30-40 years. It only takes a couple of months for tenants to realize how expensive electric heat can be. The tenant is now trapped in a lease paying a surprisingly high utility bill which could be almost equal the rent payment itself! At THE HIVE, we utilize high efficiency, natural gas furnaces which are the best possible option in terms of energy efficiency for our residents.


Why is Air Conditioning at HIVE Different from other Landlords?
THE HIVE is definitely different in respect to cooling and air conditioning! Chances are good the other apartments you have seen, all utilize one single “in the wall” A/C unit that is located in the living room, if there is any air conditioning at all. Just like electric heat, the same 99% of apartments constructed in the last 30-40 years use in the wall A/C. Again, this is the absolute cheapest possible way to install air conditioning into an apartment building and that is why it is so common. This creates multiple problems. Not only is it very expensive for the tenant, but it is also incredibly inefficient. The only way to get cold air into any room but the living room, is to leave all of the doors open and use fans to try and circulate the air. This doesn’t work well, and before you know it, people in each bedroom are installing their own “in the window” air conditioning unit. At this point, costs are soaring and the electrical safety hazards keep rising. At THE HIVE, each apartment has its own high efficiency condenser for complete central air and a perfectly cooled apartment. Not only is this the safest and most economical way to do things, but it also ensures each and every room will get the appropriate air conditioning and tenants won’t have to leave their bedroom door wide open at night in an attempt to stay cool.

Is My Child Responsible for Their Roommate’s Rent?
We are proud to be among the first in La Crosse to offer individual lease options with parental guaranty. This means that you will not be responsible for the rent defaults by your child’s roommates, if for instance a roommate transfers or drops out. Just another way we can give you peace of mind. This is a significant advantage over the joint leases used by almost all other landlords. Many of us who have lived in college apartments, can recall dealing with roommates not paying rent only to see those bills come back at us. At THE HIVE, this s a thing of the past and your child will never have that problem.


What Parking is Provided at THE HIVE?
We have on-site, off street vehicle parking (under 24 hour surveillance) as well as ample moped and bicycle racks available. Residents will be issued permits for their vehicles depending on the type of rental package they choose.


Is THE HIVE Conveniently Located?
This location was chosen specifically for it’s close to proximity to everything your child could ask for. THE HIVE is located directly between UW-La Crosse and historic downtown La Crosse with all of its shops and restaurants. It is about a four block walk to the UW-La Crosse campus and just a four block walk to historic downtown La Crosse. This prime location makes it very easy on a student that may not have a vehicle. In fact, there is a bus stop directly in front of THE HIVE which connects your child to the entire city. Your child’s student ID lets them use the bus free of charge anytime they want! As gas prices fluctuate, free transportation is a great thing and it is literally on their doorstep!

SINGLE ROOM INVENTORY                                              DOUBLE ROOM INVENTORY

FULL BED                                                                            TWIN BED

DESK                                                                                    2 DESKS

DESK CHAIR                                                                        2 DESK CHAIRS

2 DRAWER DRESSER                                                         2-2 DRAWER DRESSER 


CLOSET  HANGERS                                                           BED FRAME & MATTRESS

SHEETS / BLANKETS                                                         DESK & DESK CHAIR

PILLOWS/MATTRESS PAD                                                 DRESSER & CLOSET ORGANIZER

ALARM CLOCK                                                                   SOFA & LOVESEAT

IRON/IRONING BOARD                                                      COFFEE TABLE & END TABLE

WASTEBASKETS (BED, BATH,KITCHEN)                          3 BAR STOOLS


TOILET BRUSH / TOILETRIES                                            REFRIGERATOR & STOVE & OVEN

SILVERWARE/PLATES/GLASSES                                       WASHER & DRYER

POTS/PANS                                                                          HEATING & CENTRAL AIR

COFFEE MAKER/TOASTER                                                HD FLAT SCREEN MOUNTED TV

CUTTING BOARD                                                                MODEM & WIRELESS ROUTER



4 Bedroom Suite_edited_edited.png
5 Bedroom Suite_edited.png
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